miércoles, 26 de septiembre de 2018

Booktubers Competition

Every year, passionate readers from junior and senior school are rewarded for participating in the Booktube competition. This competition consists of filming yourself talking about your favorite books. So that, you can share these videos on Youtube and connect with other eager readers.  

With the advent of technology and internet into classroom boundaries, Booktubers invite us to rethink the way we respond and react to what we read. 21st century challenges us to approach literacy from a multimodal perspective that goes beyond print- based materials. I feel honored and grateful for all those 5th grade students who gave the best out of their digital narratives.It is your constant effort what represents the ethos of being a Mackay student. 

I also want to give special credit to Miss Monica Bonilla for leading and selecting the best booktube videos considering the following criteria: content, creativity and digital effects. Without her help this competition would not be possible. 

Congratulations to all 5th graders!

5ºA winners:
Arturo Mora
Diego Rojas
Gaspar Giulliucci

5ºB winners:
Antonio Bernal
Cristóbal Clavijo
Facundo Conejeros

5ºC winners:
Tomás Escobar
Maximiliano Henríquez
Lukas Marinovic

Prizes: 1 diploma + Book + Cinema Ticket!

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